I am very satisfied with my SWAT system because now we can enjoy being outdoors all spring, summer and fall. SWAT has always been very responsive to any request, in a timely basis. I recommend SWAT to all my friends and family.
— H. Levy (12 Year Customer)
We built an outdoor area with a pool, and I cannot imagine spending as much time out there as we do, without pest control. It allows us to enjoy the outdoors without pesky bugs; and it’s not toxic! I am completely satisfied with my SWAT system – it’s priceless! I’ve recommended it to everyone. The customer service is timely, efficient and stress free. I don’t have to manage or schedule anything; they do it all, it’s so easy!
— T. Walton (11 Year Customer)
We absolutely love our SWAT system! I cannot believe we didn’t get one sooner. It has enabled us to leave our doors wide open during parties; and the service is excellent! Whenever we might have one small problem, they come out to fix it immediately!
— J. Love (10 Year Customer)