SWAT Mosquito Mist System Owners, Christi & Reed Savage

*SWAT-Mosquito Mist System is Oklahoma owned and operated. We pride ourselves on providing our customers the best products, installation, warranty, and servicing all of Oklahoma. Our central location allows us to service you in a timely manner, and we’re A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau.

*The key to a successful relationship is trust and we are committed to earning yours. No one will work harder to earn your trust and your business than SWAT-Mosquito Mist System.


- Reed Savage, Proprietor



We are a professional company and we work very hard to provide quality products and services for our customers. Your system is custom-designed and installed by highly trained professionals to meet the needs and layout of your backyard. It’s like having a top secret weapon in taking back your yard.

We stand behind all of our work. Our commitment to quality can be verified by calling any of our client references. SWAT-Mosquito Mist System, which is a long-standing member of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, National Pest Control Association, Oklahoma Pest Control Association and the Better Business Bureau, is dedicated to seeing your family and backyard grow in a mosquito-controlled environment.



In our established Oklahoma City office, SWAT employs a full-time staff to make your experience enjoyable. From our professional office staff to our licensed technicians, we will work hard to offer you the absolute BEST in customer care.

We offer several payment plans and accept both Visa and Mastercard.




We rebuilt our home on the lot that we had lived on for 30 years, so we obviously had a lot of familiarity with our yard. It was a general understanding that you simply did not go into the very back of the yard. When we rebuilt, the size of the house increased and the back of the yard became much closer. We wanted the backyard to be nice, but we dreaded the idea of guests and children getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. A friend recommended SWAT to me, and it has been a true blessing. It has exceeded our expectations; not one guest or child comes into the house with a bug bite. It’s funny that they say “You Have the Right to Remain Outdoors.”™ because it is so true. Before SWAT, the bugs literally reigned the backyard and now we truly have the right to remain outdoors! It has been one of the nicest blessings. I recommend it to all my friends!
— K. Musser (11 year customer)

We built an outdoor area with a pool, and I cannot imagine spending as much time out there as we do, without pest control. It allows us to enjoy the outdoors without pesky bugs; and it’s not toxic! I am completely satisfied with my SWAT system – it’s priceless! I’ve recommended it to everyone. The customer service is timely, efficient and stress free. I don’t have to manage or schedule anything; they do it all, it’s so easy!
— T. Walton (11 Year Customer)
The product is amazing because it actually and consistently works. The customer service is the real asset here though. It just doesn’t get any better than SWAT. In this world of over-hyped expectations for products and services, SWAT stands out as one of the rare situations where the promise made, `no more mosquitoes’, is followed by just that, a day or two after installation. Plain and simple.
— M. Laird (10 Year Customer)

We enjoy spending time in our backyard by the pool, and before using SWAT, the mosquitoes would drive us away. We can now entertain, and we don’t have to worry about our little girl playing outside and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. We got our backyard back! It has consistently kept mosquitoes away, and not just mosquitoes, but our general insect population has gone down. Not only does the product work, but it’s safe for animals and people. As a veterinarian, I know the insecticides better than most, and I have high expectations. SWAT has matched and exceeded my expectations.
— J. Henderson (8 year customer)
Years ago, I had a company from Texas come install a mosquito misting system. It never worked very well but I didn’t want to give up, so I went from company to company and had several come out and try to reconfigure the nozzles and chemicals, but I still had mosquitoes. It wasn’t until SWAT came out and evaluated my yard, that I completely got rid of my mosquitoes! The system is perfect and wonderful, and it just works! SWAT is fantastic. They take care of everything. From start to finish they do an excellent job!
— L. Blumenthal (12 year customer)
The SWAT systems really are great, and we are very happy to have one. Before we couldn’t go outside at dusk, and now we are on the porch every evening when the weather is nice. It has made our outdoor living-room much more enjoyable. One time I accidently touched the wrong buttons and turned off the system; several days later my yard was inundated with mosquitoes. I’m a big believer in the system, and the customer service is great; Reed takes care of problems immediately. I would recommend the systems to anyone.
— V. Brigham (11 Year Customer)

Reed Savage,  Proprietor  with the SWAT-MMS Technicians.

Reed Savage, Proprietor with the SWAT-MMS Technicians.

I am very satisfied with my SWAT system because now we can enjoy being outdoors all spring, summer and fall. SWAT has always been very responsive to any request, in a timely basis. I recommend SWAT to all my friends and family.
— H. Levy (12 year customer)
We absolutely love our SWAT system! I cannot believe we didn’t get one sooner. It has enabled us to leave our doors wide open during parties; and the service is excellent! Whenever we might have one small problem, they come out to fix it immediately!
— J. Love (10 year customer)

We understand that everyone is more conscious about the insects that may bite or sting in their (own) backyard, especially with mosquito-borne illness on the rise.

SWAT is dedicated to ensuring that the biggest worry you and your family will have this summer is remembering to apply sunscreen. Let SWAT enforce your Right to Remain Outdoors.

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