How long will the sprays last & how effective are they? 

Yard sprays typically last on average between 21-28 days under normal conditions – we set up “Recurring Sprays” approximately every 3 weeks.  The product is applied liberally and begins to work immediately – it kills all of the mosquitos that it hits.  It leaves a residual effect that will continue to kill and repel mosquitos after the application — it will greatly reduce the mosquito population in that immediate area.  If you are having a Party or Event,  we recommend spraying one to two days prior to the event to get the most benefit. Every situation can be different, the environment and surroundings will vary with each yard and with each season.  We always tell people that you may still see mosquitoes, but it would be considerably worse if you hadn’t gotten the spraying.  Most people usually get the desired results, but since a mosquito can fly up to 1 ½ miles per day and since the yard is in “Open Air” with no invisible barrier stopping it, mosquitos can always fly easily where you are – even right after we have sprayed.

What if it there is rain in the forecast or rains after spraying? 

What we always tell people is that we proceed with spraying unless there is imminent rain.  Imminent rain means that rain is on the radar and is headed your direction at the time we are there to spray.  So, we will always spray unless there is imminent rain, or if you tell us differently.  If you should choose to cancel, please let us know ASAP so we don’t spray – if we spray before you contact us to cancel, you will be responsible for payment.  You can call us anytime day or night and leave a message on the machine and/or you can email us. We can leave the office to start as early as 7:00am.  Prior to any rain, the fogging is extremely effective in eliminating mosquitos in your yard, if you receive significant rain with “run-off,” what will be substantially affected will be the long term repellency.

How long will it take for the spraying & what will be covered? 

Sprayings can take anywhere from between 15 to 30 minutes once the tech gets started.  The way the product is meant to be applied is very quickly.  The blower that the tech has, blows at over 200 mph and is meant to move very quickly; in addition, the product is supposed to wet the vegetation, but not drop off of it. In the designated area, they will cover vegetation, trees, shrubs, concrete, house walls, and undersides of furniture.  Techs will avoid sensitive areas such as windows, koi ponds, tabletops, cooking areas, etc.

When can we go outside? 

We typically tell people they can go outside (or let their pets back out) in 30 minutes or as soon as the application has dried.  Don’t touch what is wet, as soon as it dries, it will be okay.  Sometimes you may notice a pet bowl turned upside down, that is just a precautionary measure the techs take – just flip it back over and fill with fresh water.

Can we run our sprinkler system? 

We recommend running the sprinkler that morning and then try to keep sprinklers off as long as you can.  Rain, sprinklers, wind, sun and time, degrade and lessens the effectiveness of the application.  The longer you keep them from running, the more effective it will be.

Is it safe for my family & pets? 

When the tech comes, they will be wearing a face mask & gloves, and be covered from head to toe.  Please do not let this alarm you as this is a legal requirement of dress when applying solution.  All of the products that we use are at the lowest warning level, which is "Caution." Ex: most cleaning products under the sink are also labeled at the "Caution" level.

Do you have a Guarantee? 

We guarantee that we will show up when we say that we will.  We guarantee to use the highest quality products on the market.  We guarantee that we will use the strongest legal mixture allowable and that we will spray it as effectively as it can be sprayed.  Ultimately, we want all of our customers to be happy, so if you do not get the results you want, just contact us so that we can work something out — either we can come back out to spray again or issue a refund.

We understand that everyone is more conscious about the insects that may bite or sting in their (own) backyard, especially with mosquito-borne illness on the rise. SWAT is dedicated to ensuring that the biggest worry you and your family will have this summer is remembering to apply sunscreen.


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