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Mosquito Mist Systems

You’re likely here because you are experiencing two things - first, you want to enjoy your yard which you have invested time and money into; second, mosquitoes have taken over, keeping you from enjoying that investment. Consider the SWAT Mosquito Mist Systems as insurance for a return on your investment. While yard sprays serve as a short-term remedy for your mosquito problems, our mist system offers a permanent solution. If you're looking for the Rolls Royce of mosquito control, you're in the right place.

We feature state-of-the-art tankless misting systems—a great alternative to the larger 55-gallon drum system (available upon request)! With our system, there is nothing to hide; enjoy mosquito protection without the eyesore! When you choose SWAT-Mosquito Mist System, you’re choosing the leader in the best outdoor mosquito repellent system with professional service on quality systems.
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SWAT mosquito mist systems - Both drum misting system and gen 3 system
Permanent System Advantages Compared to Yard Sprays
– The ability minimize the presence of mosquitoes - put in the palm of your hand
– Enjoy automatic peace of mind with scheduled automatic misting
– Strategically placed nozzles for a full coverage mist
– All inclement weather factors do not decrease the efficacy of the Gold Standard SWAT Mosquito Mist System
SWAT mosquito mist systems - Family sitting around outdoor table having dinner and drinks
Safe & Effective
The products we use are approved for use in schools, hospitals, and the food industry. Our arsenal consists of permethrin and pyrethrum-based products that are derived from chrysanthemum flower extract that has been used to control insects for more than 100 years. With SWAT Mosquito Misting Systems, you can be assured that only the safest, most effective materials and components are used at your home or business.
SWAT mosquito mist systems - Woman standing outside holding tablet
Cellular Monitoring & Remote Control
During normal business hours, we have complete and comprehensive insights into the system's condition. Whether it's detecting a water supply interruption, identifying a nozzle circuit leakage, or noting the need for a system reset, we have it covered. Our monitoring enables us to swiftly rectify most issues remotely, maximizing uninterrupted operation. If a situation demands on-site attention, our skilled technicians will be promptly dispatched to reinstate optimal functionality. We are here to alleviate your worries by keeping a watchful eye on your system, leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
Mobile Phone App
With our cutting-edge Cellular Monitoring Installation, you'll gain access to our innovative Mobile Monitoring smartphone app. This user-friendly app empowers you to effortlessly initiate a remote misting cycle, seamlessly transition system modes, gain real-time insight into system functions, and easily connect with us – all from the convenience of your iPhone, Android device, or Tablet. With the power of complete system control right at your fingertips, we ensure your backyard comfort is just a tap away.
SWAT mosquito mist systems - Misting system nozzle actively misting
Quality Product & Maintenance
Our system is manufactured by Mistaway, the leader in commercial grade misting system technology. Only the highest quality, thoroughly tested materials and components are used. Several systems that were initially installed in the year 2007 continue to undergo servicing and remain operational to this day.
Our quality products are paired with professionally trained technicians to ensure the system maintains its highest possible functioning to provide satisfaction for you, day after day.
SWAT mosquito mist systems - Green backyard with sun coming in through trees
Have Further Questions?
We understand and we’re here to help! Clicking the Misting System FAQ button below will take you to our frequently asked questions page specific to our Misting System.
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