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SWAT mosquito mist systems - mosquito on skin
It’s a warm afternoon and you’re enjoying spending time in your backyard while your kids and pets are at play. The mosquitos are drawn to you and your children and they begin to threaten your beautiful afternoon. Even worse, some of these mosquitoes carry mosquito-borne diseases and illness that spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.

Some of the more prominent diseases include Zika virus, West Nile, Chikungya, Dengue, and Malaria. It is imperative to reduce the risk of exposure for you and your loved ones from those pesky blood suckers at home and more importantly, when traveling. Below includes material on some of the mosquito-borne diseases - please refer to the links below for more in-depth information.
SWAT mosquito mist systems - Mosquito biting patch of skin
West Nile
West Nile virus is the number one cause of mosquito-borne disease in the United States. A common indicator is the development of a fever and other symptoms.

The CDC recommends reducing the risk of becoming infected by using insect repellent and covering yourself in both a long-sleeve shirt and long pants.
SWAT mosquito mist systems - Mosquito biting patch of skin
Malaria, a sometimes fatal disease, is caused by the bite of an infected mosquito. Symptoms range from high fevers, body chills, and flu-like symptoms.

To reduce these infections, world health programs administer preventive medication and insecticide-treated netting to protect people from threatening mosquito bites.
SWAT mosquito mist systems - Mosquito biting patch of skin
Zika, the most threatening to pregnant women, can be passed to a woman’s fetus and cause certain birth defects. Symptoms range from fever, red eyes, and headaches - lasting several days to a week.

As it stands, there are no vaccines or medication to treat Zika. Since 2019, the United States, there have been zero reported cases.

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