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Is a mist system better than a yard spray?
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Without a doubt. A permanent system ensures consistent and automatic coverage for your yard during the most crucial times. With our permanent system, we set timers to automatically mist the system at points throughout the evening when mosquitoes are most active. The most notable difference is that yard sprays can lose their effectiveness due to factors such as rain, humidity, sprinklers. None of which are a problem with a permanent system.

How effective are the systems?
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Permanent systems are the most effective option we have compared to yard sprays, and are widely considered the best form of mosquito control, both residentially and commercially. With automatic timers, the system targets mosquitos when they are most active; targeting the root of the problem, rather than the symptoms.

What do I need to have the system installed?
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All that is needed for a system to be installed is access to water and power. Our technicians take care of the rest, ensuring that the system is as minimally visible as possible.

How is my system serviced?
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We will factor in how long it will take for your system to be serviced and will automatically schedule out services to ensure the system maintains its highest possible functioning to provide satisfaction for you, day after day. If you notice an increase in the presence of mosquitos in your yard, with Cellular Monitoring Installation we can remotely adjust the system to mist more frequently, and when it does so r you can mist it yourself, if the mobile app functionality.
The best that mosquito control has to offer, worry free.

Is it safe for family and pets?
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The products we use are approved for use in schools, hospitals, and the food industry. Our arsenal consists of permethrin and pyrethrum-based products that are derived from chrysanthemum flower extract that has been used to control insects for more than 100 years. With SWAT Mosquito Misting Systems, you can be assured that only the safest, most effective materials and components are used at your home or business.

Can I have the system installed at my business?
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Absolutely. We have several commercial clients who love their systems. Any place where mosquitos can bother you, SWAT can enforce your right to remain outdoors.

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