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The Best Mosquito Spray for Yards

In need of a quick fix for your current mosquito problem? Yard Sprays are perfect for residential or commercial events in which you wish to protect your guests from the nuisance of mosquitoes buzzing around, threatening the dreaded itchy bite.

To ensure optimal and consistent results, consider scheduling regular and recurring Yard Spray appointments every 3 weeks to ensure continued enjoyment of your outdoor space. Under optimal weather conditions, results last approximately 21 days.
Need a more consistent spray, without the hassle of weather?
Check our our Mosquito Mist Systems, the Gold Standard in Mosquito Control.
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Yard sprays are a great temporary alternative to our permanent misting system; offering similarly effective results while remaining safe for pets and children.

Well suited for special events and commercial spaces, yard sprays eliminate mosquitos on contact, allowing you to provide an uninterrupted and enjoyable outdoor experience.
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Special Events
If you are having a Party or Event, please contact us as soon as possible to inquire about and/or schedule your yard spray — our calendar can fill up very quickly.
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Experience the convenience, schedule when you're away! Home owner presence isn't required — our skilled technician arrives, treats the property, and leaves a courteous door hanger as confirmation of their visit with an indicated time of when it is safe to re-enter your yard.
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Have Further Questions?
We understand and we’re here to help! Clicking the Yard Spray FAQ button below will take you to our frequently asked questions page specific to our Yard Sprays.
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