Mosquito Services

Warm summer months bring so many beautiful images to mind: afternoons by the pool, playing catch with the kids in the backyard, family barbecues, and entertaining guests. The longer days and warmer nights bring so much fun. But they also bring bugs. Mosquitoes can really ruin those lovely summer memories. SWAT Mosquito Mist Systems are designed with you and your summer plans in mind. Don’t let mosquitoes and other bugs hold you hostage indoors!
The SWAT team is here to enforce your Right to Remain Outdoors.

Service Options

Permanent Misting System
(Residential or Commercial)
The mist system is the gold standard in mosquito control. We believe our customers deserve to enjoy their yards with the state-of-the-art mosquito misting system that is attractive, small, and easy to maintain.
Cellular Monitoring
Automatic Misting
Safe for Humans
Lasting Results
Check Out SWAT's Permanent System
Misting system nozzle actively misting
Man using backpack fogging machine to spray bush
Yard Spray
(Residential or Commercial)
We offer recurring yard spray appointments (recommended every 3 weeks) or one-time yard sprays for a party or event.
Quick Fix
Effective Up to 21 Days*
Safe for Humans
Safe on all plants
Check Out SWAT's Yard Spray Info