Mosquito Control, When Is The Season Over?

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Updated on:
October 9, 2023

Understanding Mosquito Season

As the days lengthen and the air warms, the inevitable arrival of mosquito season hovers on the horizon. Beginning its relentless reign around March, this annual menace persists until the frosty embrace of winter settles in, typically around November, usually after the first freeze and when temperatures plunge below zero.

The Beginning Of The Season

Mosquitoes first emerge in early March, particularly for certain species that thrive in cooler temperatures. However, the majority of these tiny tormentors make their grand appearance between April and May, signaling the start of peak mosquito activity. It's during this period that mosquito populations surge, and the battle for our outdoor sanctuaries intensifies.

Things To Keep In Mind

An important note to bear in mind is that the onset of the first freeze doesn't always guarantee relief from the mosquito onslaught. The freeze might not be extensive enough to bring a complete halt to their activity. This nuance can tip the scales, determining whether some years will be more mosquito-laden than others. 

Scattered rains further fuel the mosquito population, boosting their numbers and exacerbating the challenge of keeping them at bay. But what happens to these relentless creatures during colder months?

The End Of The Season

As temperatures plummet and winter's chill takes hold, many mosquitoes face their demise. Vulnerable eggs succumb to freezing temperatures. However, nature's tenacity is evident as other mosquito eggs, hardy and resilient - these eggs withstand the freeze, patiently awaiting their moment. When warmer days return and standing water beckons, these eggs are still viable.

Yet, some mosquito species showcase remarkable resilience, weathering the winter months. Adult females possess the ability to hibernate through the cold, emerging from their slumber with the new season. This adaptability ensures they are swiftly prepared to kickstart the mosquito season, resuming their hunt for blood meals.

How To Prepare

So, what's the solution to navigating this perennial mosquito battle? Preparedness is key. Taking action before the mosquito horde awakens is a strategic move. When it comes to getting effective treatment against these aerial adversaries, look no further than the experts at SWAT. Their expertise ensures that you're armed and ready to reclaim your outdoor spaces from the buzz and bite of these relentless invaders. Don't let the mosquito saga dampen your outdoor experiences - take charge and make your stand against the winged intruders. Reach out to SWAT and take the first step towards a mosquito-resilient environment.

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